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Dare To Take Your Place 3CD


It’s time to walk in the authority God has given you!

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You were born with rights. Rights of inheritance as a son or daughter to your parents. Rights of protection and privilege as a citizen of the country in which you were born. They were yours from birth. But your full enjoyment of them began when you started walking, talking and acting on them. When you were born again you were also given rights. In this insightful CD teaching, Kenneth Copeland shows you how appropriating the promises of God for your life will increase your faith and stop the devil from stealing from you. It’s only when you take your place in your right standing with God that you can begin enjoying all your rights of inheritance in His family. There is no limit to His righteousness in you. It will take you as far as your faith will dare to go. How do you begin enjoying this gift today? Dare to Take Your Place! Teaching on Compact Disc 3 Messages on 3 CDs by Kenneth Copeland.

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