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Faith to Be Made Whole DVD


Be fully persuaded that the life of faith is the life for you.

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In Kenneth Copeland’s teaching, Faith to Be Made Whole, you will discover that God has called you to faith for your healing and wholeness. You will be fully persuaded that the life of faith is the life for you.God has placed a call of faith on the lives of all His children. In the series, you can hear from Kenneth Copeland and receive the faith imparting Word of the Lord that will impact your life forever! Throughout Jesus’ ministry He gave keys to receiving by faith the healed and whole life God has in His heart for His people. Kenneth Copeland takes you on a journey to experience Jesus in action and discover those life altering keys of faith!This series answers many questions and reveals insights about faith that contain the power to bring the health and wholeness to your life you desire! Have you ever asked... Is it God’s will for me to be healed? How can I obtain healing in my body? Why am I not convinced that Jesus’ ministry of healing is for me?How do I put my faith into full operation to receive all The LORD has for me? How do I get my prayers answered? These are common questions among believers and Kenneth Copeland answers them in this series, Faith to Be Made Whole. Spend a little time studying this series, and get the answers you need that will bring healing and wholeness into your life! Teaching on DVD 15 Messages By Kenneth Copeland

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