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God’s Calendar & Upcoming Eclipses 5CD


God definitely has a plan…an endtimes plan that is coming to pass right before your eyes!

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You can know what the end times hold for the world. Recognizing and understanding the days of God’s calendar, you can look forward to every glorious moment with anticipation—knowing each one is firmly established and unfolding as He has planned! In this series, you will:? Become clear about how the prophecies and symbols of the Old Testament are fulfilled in the life and times of the Lord Jesus Christ? Learn the difference between, and the importance of, Israel’s civil and sacred calendars? Recognize the mercy and goodness God has provided His people through all time. Take in these teachings and receive the peace and assurance that God definitely has a plan…an end-times plan that is coming to pass right before your eyes! By Billye Brim

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