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Healing School MP3


To know what God says about sickness, you might have to go to school…Healing School!

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To know what God says about sickness, you might have to go to school...Healing School! As a born-again believer, God has a covenant—or contract—with you. In it, He guarantees you the right to enjoy complete health. If you experience symptoms of sickness or disease, He has made provision for you to receive your healing (James 5:1416). But the Bible says you have an adversary, the devil, who would like to keep you in the dark about your covenant promises. In this no-compromise series, Healing School by Gloria Copeland, you’ll hear what the Bible has to say about healing. You’ll discover:

  • Myths about why people get sick
  • The scriptural basis for healing
  • How Satan deceives people into giving up on healing
  • What God has done about your healing
  • How to stand for your healing no matter what it looks or feels like

You have the Word of God—a powerful and effective weapon against the devil and against sickness and disease! Learn how to use that weapon by going back to school—Healing School—and taking hold of your healing today!

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