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Jesus The Name Above Every Name 10CD


Jesus’ Name is far above every name and He’’s given it to you to use!

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There is a Name that is above every other name. It is a Name that contains power to overcome every enemy and pull down every stronghold. This Name is backed by the power of God Himself, and it’s available to you today if you’re a believer. It’s the Name of Jesus. As a believer, you have the same right and authority to use that Name, just as Peter did in Acts 3:6. Kenneth Copeland shows you how to use the Name of Jesus and expect signs to follow. In this series you will learn:

  • You have a right to use the Name of Jesus…you’re part of the family.
  • The Name of the Lord lifts the believer high above evil.
  • Jesus’ Name carries authority in every realm.
  • What is the power source for the privileges that are yours in the Name of Jesus.

By understanding the authority and your right to use His Name, you will overcome!

6 Messages on 10 CDs Teaching on Compact Disc by Kenneth Copeland

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