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Releasing God’s Love in You 5CD


Expressing God’‘s Love to others develops love in you, and God’‘s love casts out fear and frees you from the law of sin and death; there‘’s no room for fear when love moves in.

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Why live hoping nothing bad will happen to you when you can live knowing God desires to prove His love in every situation you face?

The choice to live loved, instead of cursed, is yours. And it begins by understanding that all life is governed by either of two spiritual laws. Activate the law of God’s love in what you do and say. Soon you’ll begin walking free of the law of sin and death, and bondage to fear, and start enjoying life as it was really meant to be lived.

In Releasing God’s Love in You, Kenneth Copeland shows you how to put the law of God’s love to work in every circumstance of life. With that kind of love operating in you, your circumstances, whatever they may be, have to line up with God’s promises of love for you.

Using words of faith, love, joy and hope as your building blocks, you’ll build a new future. You’ll use your faith to live, talk, act and think as a free person—free from every fear and bondage. Hopelessness will soon be a thing of the past. And you will be living proof of God’s love.

Teaching on Compact Disc 5 Messages on 5 CDs by Kenneth Copeland

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