Shalom Package




God’s will for you is that you be made whole in every area of your life!

The Shalom Package contains timeless teaching that will bring peace to your heart and mind, as you discover the “wholeness” God has in store for you.

In her minibook, Shalom: The Peace that Come from Being Whole, Billye Brim will take you on a journey into peace that will bring you through to God’s plan since the beginning of time. He has always wanted His people to experience lives filled completely with His provision. You will understand clearly the depth of what Jesus was saying when He declared “Peace unto you!” Edward Horowitz’s book, How the Hebrew Language Grew, provides history of the language of the Bible and the people who gave it to us. You will discover all the greatness and splendor of the Hebrew people is reflected in the words they used in telling the story of their lives and their deeds. They believed man ought to walk in love and fear of the one, invisible God. Almost any and every question that can occur to an intelligent student about the Hebrew language—its growth, development or structure—is raised and answered here. It is answered so clearly and simply that a child can understand it, and yet on so high a level that adults will be fascinated, too!

In the Shalom Package, you will see clearly that God’s plan for His people is complete well-being in every area of life. You can set your faith to receive the full BLESSING of Abraham and know that God’s will is for you to flourish physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially and relationally!

The Shalom Package includes:

  • How the Hebrew Language Grew book by Edward Horowitz
  • Shalom: The Peace that Come from Being Whole minibook by Billye Brim
  • Shalom Notes by Billye Brim

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