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SKA Novel #4 Pursuit of the Enemy BK


Get ready for a mindworking mystery where the powers of truth and deception collide!

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Alex is the only Superkid available for what sounds like a routine tracking mission. But right after Alex discovers there’s more to his mission—much more—he suddenly finds himself in the last place he needs to be in order to save Superkid Academy...he finds himself waking up nearly two years in the future!

Will Alex be able to stop NME’s Disaster Virus in time? And how can he get back to the reality he knows as the truth? Only listening to the Spirit of God and walking in the light of forgiveness will propel Alex to the answer! Get ready for a mind-working mystery where the powers of truth and deception collide!

Recommended for ages 10-12

Value: Forgiveness

Paperback Book

By Christopher P. N. Maselli

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