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The Power to Prosper in Troubled Times Book


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In their new book, The Power To Prosper in Troubled Times, Gloria Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons lead you to a thorough understanding of heaven's abundance. After more than 10 years of intense study together, they found there is no question whatsoever that it is God's perfect will for the Body of Christ to prosper.

So, are you ready to prosper as never before? Are you ready to be blessed and be a blessing? Are you ready to learn the truth of God's intention concerning prosperity?

Follow Gloria and George as they confirm what the Apostle John said, “The LORD...has pleasure in the prosperity of His servant” (Psalm 35:27, NKJV), and, “Beloved, I pray that you may prosper in all things and be in health, just as your soul prospers” (3 John 2, NKJV).

As you endeavor to transform your mind, The Power To Prosper in Troubled Times by Gloria Copeland and Pastor George Pearsons will help you:


    • Learn why you don't have to be dependent on the world's economy
    • Discover how to operate in God's economic system, which guarantees your prosperity
    • Put the spiritual laws that govern prosperity, supernatural increase and abundance to work in your life; and see dramatic results
    • Build your confidence in God's desire to bless you financially
    • Tap into God's never-ending stream of increase for you
    • See how God has laid up for you everything you need to flourish when the world's economy falters
    • Learn how to prosper God's way in the most impossible situations
    • Be inspired by real-life examples of how God has prospered others in troubled times and see how He has promised the same for you!


As you immerse yourself in God's Word and are obedient to do what it says, the Lord will fulfill His promise of prosperity in your life. You will live in heaven's abundance despite the troubled times in which we live!

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