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Under His Shadow 3CD


There is revelation, rest and refuge waiting for you.

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This is a critical hour. It’s time to dwell in the secret place of the Most High. In that secret place, there is revelation, restoration, rest and refuge awaiting you. But, how do you get to that safe haven, and how do you stay there? You’ll find those answers and more in this important series by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland.

You’ll also learn that:

  • Your salvation includes prosperity, healing and protection
  • You cannot be in faith and be in worry
  • The consistency of your words will change your life
  • The protection of God is a tangible force, and it’s available to you. Take hold of this teaching and unleash this force in your life as you learn to take your place in the secret place.

Teaching on Compact Disc 3 Messages on 3 CDs by Kenneth and Gloria Copeland

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