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Wisdom – The Principal Thing MP3


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Proverbs says wisdom cries out loudly to the believer. So why does it seem so hard to find when you need it most? In this stirring series, Kenneth Copeland shows you—simply and clearly—how to receive the wisdom you need for the crucial decisions you encounter in your life.

You’ll discover powerful truths such as:

• How to receive God’s wisdom and apply it to any situation
• Three statements that forever changed Kenneth Copeland’s life and ministry
• How to find the “key issue” in a test, temptation or trial so you can overcome it
• The seven treasures wisdom has ready for you
• The key to receiving God’s wisdom when a situation has you stumped
• How to believe for a wealth of insights, concepts and ideas

Wisdom doesn’t have to be a mystery. In fact, it shouldn’t be. It should be part of your daily walk. It should be The Principal Thing.

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By Kenneth Copeland

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